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Saturday, 20 December 2014


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Monday, 02 November 2009 18:23

At a photo event this past summer, I had an accident.  An assembled DSLR camera body, battery grip, and zoom lens tumbled from my truck, falling about four feet onto pavement.  It made a sickening sound, followed by some sounds from me that are best not repeated!

Fortunately, a very knowledgeable friend pointed out that there was an expert camera repairman attending the event, and introduced us.  In the middle of a meadow, Berrie Smith examined my damaged gear.  He noted the obvious damage, then showed me that the flanges on the lens mount and body mount had bent, and explained that this will cause soft focusing on one side of the photo.  From this “field” examination, Berrie created an estimate for the repairs.  Based on the quality of the recommendation from my trusted friend, I had Berrie repair the equipment, and am very pleased.

I’ve since mentioned Berrie to other photographer friends, and have found that he’s widely known and respected.  So, I too am pleased to recommend him.  I hope you never need his services, but I suggest that you keep his number, just in case.

Berrie Smith Camera Repair
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