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Monday, 31 May 2010 10:05

Headstone at National CemeteryThe memorial headstone of World War II veteran Clarence P Harrison is isolated from the endless but vague repetition of identical shapes.  While we may reflect on Harrison's legacy, we are reminded us of the multitudes that have risked and even lost their lives to defend our country.  National Cemetery, Salisbury, NC.

This image was made with a long telephoto lens.  A telephoto makes the subject appear closer, but also makes items appear closer together, front to back.  It compresses distance.  Using a wide aperture, only a narrow range is in sharp focus, yielding an abstract quality to the other headstones, and calling attention to the one in focus.  A low camera angle permitted several overlapping stones in the composition.  And by carefully selecting what is in my composition, I omitted fences at the cemetery borders, creating the impression that this  pattern of headstones repeats forever.

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