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Sunday, 03 July 2011 15:10

The relentless winds that made the Outer Banks attractive to the Wright Brothers for their experiments in flight, also provide ever-changing artwork in the sands.

Pattern in sand Ridges in sand, resembling mountains
Pattern in wind-blown sand on North Carolina's Outer Banks. Among the fleeting sculptures on wind battered Jockey's Ridge are these ridges, resembling miniature mountain ranges.  The low angle of the sun near dusk accentuated the textures on this ever changing palette.


Windblown bowl in sand Winds have whipped out this bowl shaped hollow in Jockey's Ridge sand dune, showing the stratification of the different types of sand on the dune.  By the next day, this will be replaced by another formation as winds, rain, and footprints continuously transform the landscapes of the tallest dune on the US East Coast.


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