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Thursday, 25 August 2011 15:23
A Siamang at Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, VA.

The siamang is the largest member of the gibbon family. Siamangs range through Southeast Asia and are found in some numbers on the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra. They are arboreal, preferring the middle canopy level, but will travel from tree tops to low bushes while feeding. Like other primates, they are omnivores; though roughly half of their diet consists of leaves, siamangs also eat fruit, insects, nuts, small animals, birds and birds' eggs. They are endangered and their numbers are declining as humans invade their habitat, often killing the mothers while capturing the young for a lucrative pet market.

A Malayan Tiger at Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, VA.

Malayan tigers are endangered and recent counts showed there may be as few as 600 in the wild. It is perhaps the smallest subspecies of tiger, with an average weight of nearly 300 pounds for adult males and just over 200 pounds for females. In the wild, Malayan tigers mainly prey on deer and wild boar. They are found in the tropical forests of the southern and central Malay Peninsula.

A male bald eagle swoops to attack an invader in its habitat at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, VA.

The bald eagle was chosen as the national symbol in 1782 because of its long life, great strength, and majestic looks. The bald eagle is not bald. It has white feathers on its head, neck, and tail, and was named using the Old English word, “bald,” which means white. However, immature eagles frequently are misidentified as golden eagles because of their dark color and because the white has not developed on their heads. Eagles are mature at 4 to 5 years old. Eagles’ wingspans range an impressive 6.5 to 7.5 feet (they are second in size only to the California condors).


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