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Wednesday, 20 May 2009 17:36

I recently selected five favorite photos.  To help us get acquainted, for the May meeting of the new Outer Banks region of Carolinas Nature Photographers Association, we were challenged to each select five photos that represent our style.  Since we are all from the Outer Banks, I avoided familiar views of local scenics, since they would be too routine for my audience.  Here's my choices, some old, some new.  Click the images for a larger view and more details.

Aerial images of Bonner Bridge on Noth Carolina's Outer Banks.
AeroShell Aerobatics Team fly World War I -vintage North American T-6 trainer planes in an inverted loop formation.

Bonner Bridge Aerial -Yes, it is an Outer Banks image, but not a view most people see.  I took advantage of a short-hop fuel run in a friend's private plane.  This image has been a popular choice in gallery and stock sales. AeroShell Aerobatics Team - One of my very early aviation images, and this team remains one of my favorite acts.  More about the AeroShell Aerobatics Team.
Red Poppy Blossom on black background/
A fan of water from a Yellow Labrador's tail as he dives to retrieve a ball
Poppy Blossom #1 - A studio-looking image, actually made in the middle of a field beside a very busy highway in greater Raleigh.  A heckler threw a beer bottle at me, but probably drank a few too many.  He missed. Fantail - Hunter, one of our doggie family, combining the two things he loves best, swimming and fetching a ball.  I love the fantail of water coming off his exuberant tail.
Unexpected colors found inside a blue water pipe.
Inside The Pipe - An abstract graphic, made by exploring a mundane subject.

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