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Sunday, 21 December 2014


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Wednesday, 10 June 2009 22:47

Mother and sons searching for seashells at sunrise on Pensacola BeachI added one simple item to my photo gear that doubled the number of keepers I get when shooting in golden light.  Without this item, fully half of all available golden light was not visible to me.  The best part is, that the least expensive of these items is as effective as the most expensive.  If I should forget to bring this item when I travel, a replacement is available at almost any store, but there's most likely a very serviceable one in my hotel room.  I can even substitute my cell phone for this photo accessory.  A few people don't need this, but I, and most others do.  The item?  My alarm clock!

Closely related is my 5AM filter.

Thanks to Boston-area photographer Jacob Mosser (http://www.psaphoto.org/gallery/mosser.htm) for the clock quip, and Hatteras Island photographer Scott Geib (http://www.lightkeepergallery.com/) for the 5AM barb.

A larger view of this image, and print and gifts are available at here.

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