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Monday, 26 October 2009 20:07

Weather conditions can add drama which sets photos of familiar scenes apart from most.

Kitty Hawk Pier and Altocumulus Clouds Moonrise at Bodie Island Light

The altocumulus clouds add interest to the sky in this late afternoon autumn image of Kitty Hawk Pier.  The low sun cast a warm light on the pier building and pilings.

At first I was dismayed that clouds appeared the evening I set up to capture this moonrise behind Bodie Island Lighthouse.  But I made the best of the situation, and later found that the clouds added some eerie mystery to this image.

Through trial and error, I discovered how to capture the lamp on the lighthouse without blowing out the exposure.  I studied the timing and kept mental count of the seconds in the on and off cycle.  After just a few cycles, I could predict when the light would change state.  I found I got the most pleasing results when I opened the shutter just as the light was switching off.  The light from the lamp in this image is actually the afterglow as it was turning off.

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